Spring Variety Pack

Our Alehouse Flight Pack presents a diverse selection of beers for the season, carefully paired together by the Cicerone Certified Beer Servers at the Pyramid Alehouses. Certified Beer Servers are fluent in the language and serving of beer, as well as each beer style.

The four beers in our Alehouse Flight Pack have been arranged in a particular order based on flavor profile and are intended to be sampled in this progression: Hefeweizen, Irish Stout, Pale Ale with Noble Hops and IPL.

Availability: February – April

Learn more about Cicerone Certified Beer Servers.


Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Leading off the flight with the lowest IBUs and mild flavor profile is our award-winning American-style Hefeweizen that’s distinctively smooth and satisfying.

Irish Stout

Dry Stout

Next, while darkest in color, this medium-bodied Irish Stout featuring notes of chocolate and caramel and a distinctly dry finish, has a relatively low bitterness.

Pale Ale

with Noble Hops

Third up, as we increase in bitterness is our crisp and light Pale Ale which features spicy and herbal Noble hop aromas and flavors.


India Pale Lager

Closing out the flight with the highest bitterness is our India Pale Lager, featuring the citrusy hop flavors of a Northwest IPA and the smooth finish of a lager.

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