Summer Variety Pack

Our Alehouse Flight Pack presents a diverse selection of beers for the season, carefully paired together by the Cicerone Certified Beer Servers at the Pyramid Alehouses. Certified Beer Servers are fluent in the language and serving of beer, as well as each beer style.

The four beers in our Alehouse Flight Pack have been arranged in a particular order based on flavor profile and are intended to be sampled in this progression: Apricot Ale, Honey Bock, Curve Ball and IPA.

Availability: April – August

Learn more about Cicerone Certified Beer Servers.

Apricot Ale

Unfiltered Wheat Ale

First in the flight is the sweetest wheat we brew, our refreshingly unfiltered, award-winning Apricot Ale.

Honey Bock

Smooth Honey Lager

Next up, this easygoing lager has a crisp hop presence and an oh-so smooth mouthfeel from pure clover honey.

Curve Ball

Cold Conditioned Ale

Third, is Curve Ball, our golden summer beer that’s crisp, clean and light.


A Medley of Hops

Finally, rounding out the flight, we’ve saved the hoppiest for last! Our IPA is bursting with rich citrus hop flavors and aromas.

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