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The Pyramid Alehouse is currently closed. We will post re-opening hours and dates soon. Stay Healthy, Seattle.

Crowd at the Pyramid Alehouse

The Pyramid Alehouse is currently closed. We will post re-opening hours and dates soon. Stay Healthy, Seattle.

Seattle Alehouse

Whether it’s a special occasion, business meeting, or an opportunity to gather with family and friends, the Seattle Pyramid Alehouse will make your event truly special and unique. Enjoy a full line-up of brewery fresh Pyramid craft beers and satisfying alehouse cuisine in a unique setting that can accommodate parties of 10–400 guests. From our flagship Hefeweizen and menu items infused with our brews, to our talented and knowledgeable staff, an event at Pyramid is bound to be the talk among coworkers and friends for months to come.

No matter the occasion of your event or gathering, we’re sure we’ll have an event space to accommodate your group’s needs:

  • A semi-private Hefeweizen room located on the first floor, is open to the restaurant, and looks into the brewery.
  • The private Brew Master’s room, which sits next to the brewery can either be joined with the Hefeweizen room to accommodate a buffet style set-up or used for a private more intimate event.
  • The private Executive room also located on the first floor.

Located on our split-level mezzanine:

  • The semi-private and partially glass-enclosed Brew Loft room can host either a group dinner or be combined with our Brew Deck room to accommodate a slightly larger reception style buffet.
  • The Bar Mezzanine, which overlooks the bar, would be perfect for your small cocktail party or buffet style reception. The entire restaurant can also be rented out for events of up to 400.

*Depending on the size and needs of your event, the rooms can usually be arranged to accommodate your special requests.

Our seasonal tailgate VIP tents located in our beer garden, in the front of our alehouse, can be rented prior to game day events, April through November (weather permitting i.e. no snow or windstorms), in addition to non-game days. The beer garden is the perfect start to any game-day inspired event.

Please contact our banquet manager, William Simeona, with inquiries about your next event, and he will assist you in creating a memorable event for you and your guests!


Available Rooms and Capacity

  • Brew Loft
    Brew Loft
  • Executive Room
    Executive Room
Hefeweizen Room*
First floor, semi-private, open to restaurant & looks into brewery
50–60 people (40 seated comfortably)
Brew Master’s Room*
First floor, next to brewery (private/closed doors)
10–20 people (15 seated comfortably)
Executive Room
First floor, private (closed doors)
20–40 people (30—40 seated comfortably)
Brew Loft
Combined with Brew Deck for additional buffet space
Second floor, semi-private, partially glass enclosed, looks over restaurant
40–50 people (30–40 seated comfortably)
Bar Mezzanine
Second floor, semi-private, overlooking the bar and restaurant
15–25 people reception (15 seated comfortably)
Entire Restaurant
Includes Hefeweizen Room Brew Master’s Room Executive Room Brew Loft
300–400 people (reception style)
Beer Garden
VIP tent/tailgate parties
Available April through November (weather permitting)
Capacity varies

*Rooms may be joined to increase capacity, provide a separate dining room, or a buffet set-up

Planning and Organizing Fees & Policies

Room Charge and Cancellation
A cancellation at any time will result in the charge of the “room charge” to the credit card on file.
Cancellation of your event within three days of the event will result in the charge to the credit card for either the food and beverage minimum or the food total ordered, which ever is greater. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing.
Food and Beverage Minimums
If the final tab does not meet this minimum, the difference between the final tab and the room minimum will be added on to the room charge fee.
Menu Selection
To ensure the success of your event, menu selection must be finalized 7 business days prior to the event. For seated dinners, we require an entrée count and guests’ name list at least 7 business days prior to the event.
Guest Count
A guest’s count must be finalized no later than 2 days prior to the event. This number will be your parties charged minimum. If no final guarantee is given, the original estimate will be used.
Payment is due in full at the close of your event unless otherwise predetermined. All charges are subject to a 16% Service Charge, 4% Administrative Charge and 10.1% WA sales tax. Pyramid adds a Service Charge of 16% of the total amount of food and beverage charges for your event or banquet, all of which is paid to the individuals providing the service of your event or banquet, and an Administrative Charge of 4% of the total amount of food and beverage charges of our event or banquet, which covers certain administrative overhead costs and is not paid to the individuals providing the service of your event or banquet.
The Pyramid Alehouse accepts cash, Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards, no personal checks accepted.
Beer and Beverages
Pyramid Alehouse offers a complete selection of hand-crafted ales, lagers and premium wines to compliment your banquet experience.
Bringing Your Own Wine?
A $15.00 wine corkage fee will apply to each 750ml bottle of wine brought in and opened during your event. No other outside beverages or hard liquor will be permitted.
Entertainment and Other
Live music, entertainers, balloons, banners or any signage is subject to approval by the banquet manager prior to the event. Additional charges will be applied should special items such as flowers or audio/visual equipment need to be provided by Pyramid Alehouse.

Event Set-Up

Appetizer Reception
Appetizer receptions served buffet-style and keep your guests mingling and on their feet. This set-up is great for casual events such as after — hour mixers and birthday celebrations.
For an appetizer reception, choose from our selection of hot & cold appetizers, fresh displayed platters, salad bowls, pizza, and dessert!
We suggest approximately 2–3 pieces per person per item which provides a light reception, 3-5 pieces per person per item will seem more like a meal.
Buffet Meals
Let the ease of a self-serve buffet make your event even easier to plan. Select from any of our buffet combo dinners, and add a salad, appetizers and dessert to make your dinner complete.
Limited Restaurant Menu
Plated meals served from our restaurant menu… A selection of 5–6 items taken from our restaurant menu, to create a specialized menu for your special event.
Additional Amenities
Brewery Tour & Tasting
Table Arrangements
Fresh cut flowers or table arrangements (Florists provided/ prices vary)
Audio/Visual Equipment
Audio/Visual Enhancements
(rental prices available upon request)
LCD Projector (1500 0 2000 lumens)
6′ screen
Microphone & Speaker
Dry Erase Board & Markers
Flip Chart (Pad and Pen)
Floor Podium
Other Audio/Visual Aids available upon request


Pyramid enjoys connecting with our local non-profit organizations.

To help with fundraising efforts we have a few programs which may be able to assist your organization. The Pyramid Seattle Alehouse also offers registered non-profits the use of our beautiful event spaces for free.

We would love to learn about your upcoming event and how we may get involved. Please reach out to William Simeona at


  • Donation requests must be submitted more than 30 days before your event.
  • 501(c)3 status required.
  • Organizations and events must be local to and benefit the Portland/Seattle community.
  • We cannot donate beer to organizations supporting or with guests under the age of 21 years.