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Outburst Bottle and Blazing Bright can on a surfboard in the sand

Cold Brews and the Beach: A day with Jennifer Yih on the Oregon Coast

Hello beer lovers! My name is Jen Yih and I’m a writer, visual artist & producer, nutritional therapy practitioner, & water woman. You can typically find me hiding out in my little cottage by the sea where I’m typically studying, creating, surfing, hiking, gardening, or just finding a nice sandy spot to spend the day at. If you knew me in the past, I was a traveling gypsy but after rampaging around the world, finding myself on remote islands wondering how I got there, I finally laid down some roots on the Oregon Coast.… Continue Reading

Two men running down a sand dune at Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Four Hidden Central Oregon Gems To Visit This Year

The Pacific Northwest has so many fantastic places to visit, and all are within driving distance from Portland and Seattle. Sometimes we don’t really realize how big Oregon is. There’s a lot to explore, with quite a few beautiful spots that are under the radar. So I want to share with you the details on how to visit and enjoy them! For my excursion with Pyramid Brewing, we headed to Central Oregon to find some of the best places to enjoy a beer!… Continue Reading