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When you choose a Pyramid beer, you’re not just getting a delicious local brew, you’re helping fight hunger in your backyard.

Pyramid has teamed up with Columbia Distributing to create an annual donation to feed those in need.

From pints at the bar to six-packs sold in stores, all Pyramid products sold in Oregon and Washington through 2019 will contribute to Oregon Food Bank and Food Lifeline of Western Washington.

Pyramid. Your Brews That Do.

Money Raised to Date

$64,900 $150,000 $64,900 $150,000

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Help Even More

In the Pacific Northwest, we’re all about helping our community. Ready to join in? Find ways to do more in your own backyard below. Then grab a cold one, you’ve earned it.

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  • Columbia Distributing
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Food Lifeline
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